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Bike Trackday Questions Answered

Bike Trackday Questions Answered

Using your vehicle on circuit is subject to rules and requirements. Although there are no speed restrictions and many of the laws of the road do not apply - a racing circuit is a controlled environment and there are many elements you need to know.

These FAQs cover the questions that we are asked most often.

Here's a range of questions that we are typically asked about trackdays.

  • How to book using a credit/voucher

    We have a dedicated page with details HERE

  • What are the terms and conditions?

    Our booking conditions have a specific page. If anything is unclear, please call us before you book and we will do our best to help you: +34 948640350, ask for Olivia or email

  • What happens if the weather is poor?

    It is very rare that we have to cancel an event due to adverse weather conditions.

    If the event team deems the course unsafe, we will delay activity on the course until it is safe to continue. Our events are held if it is wet. If the circuit is deemed unsafe to run without any circuit activity taking place then we will transfer your booking to a suitable alternative date or issue a credit note. To qualify for an alternative date or issue a credit note, you must be present at the Circuit on the day of the cancelled event. If you did not attend the event, you will not be able to join any of the alternatives presented.

    Unfortunately, in most cases we cannot rely on weather forecasts and the decision not to run is usually taken on the day of the event.

  • What happens if you keep running off circuit?

    This information applies to all our actions. There are two parts. Firstly, if you go off the track or spin, you must pit immediately and inform the marshal. Otherwise, you will be shown a black flag.

    We have to check that your bike is OK before continuing, discuss your mistake and note your wristband number. If you run off again or spin, you may be excluded from the rest of the day at the discretion of the Chief Instructor Race Director. An out of control bike puts you and others at risk.

    The second part involves putting one or more wheels outside the "circuit limits", i.e. beyond the white lines. We have the following system in place which goes hand in hand with Motorsport UK regulations: You are now allowed to drive on the tarmac of the track up to and including the white line, and the full extent of the kerbs (marked in red/white). However, it is not permitted to drive over the white lines or the kerbs.

    If someone does not comply, the circuit will take the following measures:
    - 1st offence Warning with white/black driving rules flag.
    - 2nd offence Black flag, report to the control tower, final warning without penalty
    - 3rd offence Black flag, 20 minutes exclusion from the runway
    - Other offences Black flag, 20 minutes exclusion from the track

    Decisions of the track staff are final with no right of appeal against any penalty and no right to review the evidence. If the track limit regulations are abused, especially repeatedly and/or deliberately MSV will exclude both the bike and rider individually and MSV without refund or compensation.

    Please keep it in the circuit.

  • Can you use recording equipment?

    Yes, provided that cameras and other equipment are securely and firmly attached to the motorbike using only mounting systems specifically designed for that purpose. Professional "purpose designed" suction cup/adhesive mounts require a secure secondary attachment such as a tether strap.

    The event team reserves the right to insist that adjustments are made or to refuse to use the equipment if it is deemed unsuitable or unsafe.

  • Is there a waiting list if a track day is full?

    Yes, go to the booking page for your chosen tour day and click on the book button. A box will appear for you to enter your basic contact details.

    If a place becomes available, we will send an email to the first person on the waiting list. Always in order of registration, if the first on the list is unable to attend, the second will be notified and so on until the place is filled.  This system will work until one working day before the track day.

  • Circuit facilities - are all the venues the same?

    In general, the services and facilities are pretty much the same in all MSV circuits, but there are some differences. Click on the tour page for specific details.

    Catering is available at most of our events, with breakfasts, lunches, teas, coffees, etc.

    At some circuits there are fuel pumps on site for use during the day. However, at other circuits there are petrol stations in the vicinity of the circuit, so please ask any member of staff for directions.

    Access to the circuit is usually from 6:30/7:00/8:00/8:30 in the morning for daytime events and from 15:00/13:00 for afternoon events. In any case, the timetable for the day of the event will always specify entry and exit times. 

    More Information

  • What are the requirements for taking part?

    Driver and vehicle requirements can be found in a dedicated section HERE

  • When are we open?

    Our office is open from Monday to Friday 8:30-17:30 (Closed Bank Holidays). Nov-Feb we close a little earlier on Fri at 17:00. Contact details are at the bottom of the web page.

  • When are dates listed?

    The dates of the 2024 batches are all updated on the website. Some more dates may be added. We hope there will be no changes, but there might be. If so, we would allow you to relocate to another day within the 2024 season.

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