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Motorbike General Track Day

Motorbike General Track Day

At our track organised motorbike days, attendees range from first time riders to experienced riders looking to train and improve their times. All levels of rider experience on our circuit are welcome.

A typical day of general motorbike riding is a group session format. We normally differentiate between three groups. Amateur group, riders with little or no experience, intermediate group, riders who are more experienced and have already participated in multiple rides and advanced group, reserved for experienced riders and competition riders. The separation into groups is done to ensure safety on the track, which is the most important thing in our circuit. 
The day will start with the administrative checks, all riders must go to the Race Office to collect their wristband and sticker, after which they will be able to settle into their assigned box.

Before going out on track, all participants will receive a mandatory briefing in the briefing room on the first floor. This is one of the most important parts of the day, it is a briefing for the riders. It will cover everything you need to know about the event, including the programme, circuit information, rules and some useful hints and tips for participants.

No matter how many times you have attended a briefing, there is always relevant information about the day that you should know. Once the briefing is done, the day will begin and the track will open for the amateur group to start.

The first laps of the circuit will be observation laps. You will have to ride at a slow pace to familiarise yourself with the corners, marshal posts and lights. Then the day really begins, ENJOY IT!
Here are the dates of our next test days organised by Circuito de Navarra. View the Calendar to see the complete list.

Key Points
  • All skill levels welcome
  • Plenty of time on circuit for you to enjoy
  • Safe, controlled environment to experience your bike
  • Safety briefing

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