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Bike Trackday Questions Answered

Bike Trackday Questions Answered

Using your vehicle on circuit is subject to rules and requirements. Although there are no speed restrictions and many of the laws of the road do not apply - a racing circuit is a controlled environment and there are many elements you need to know.

These FAQs cover the questions that we are asked most often.

Here's a range of questions that we are typically asked about trackdays.

  • What equipment do I need?

    These are the basic items needed to take part in all motorcycle track days:

    • A valid driving licence for drivers over 18
    • A federative licence for drivers under 18
    • A roadworthy vehicle
    • ACU approved full face helmet (not off road MX style motorcycle helmets)
    • Either one-piece or two-piece leathers that zip all the way round (no skin/undergarments shown when rider raises arms above the head)
    • Leather motorcycle boots (up the calf muscle) and motorcycle gloves beyond the wrist
    • Full-length back protector

    It’s always a good idea to keep your bike regularly serviced and in a road or track-worthy condition.

  • How safe are track days?

    A track day is just about the safest place to explore the limits of your vehicle. On some days, you’ll have the option of running in groups of bikes with similar performance or with riders of a similar experience level. Track days are also run with the same strict controls as race events so there are experienced operators in the control room who observe riding standards in liaison with marshals around the circuit, and monitor every inch of the circuit. The marshals also use the same flag signals as race events, so you’ll be warned if there’s anything happening on track.

  • Do I need insurance?

    If you have a federative licence, personal insurance is already included.

    If you don´t have a federative licence, it is mandatory to have an insurance that covers the rider during the event. This is a special insurance for circuits.

    We offer three possibilities:

    • Daily insurance: 25 €
    • Annual insurance: 120 €
    • International insurance: 140 €

    Some riders already have their own insurance that covers this activity. In that case, it is mandatory to bring a certificate, which must specify that it is a special insurance for circuits.

    It is not mandatory to have insurance for the bike. However, please be advised that if a crashed bike causes damage to the circuit, the owner of the bike will assume the cost of the repair. In the event two bikes crash, the owners of those vehicles will need to agree how to proceed.

    The circuit will not be responsible for any repairs.

  • What is the format of the track day?

    Track days will run in a sessioned format, with bikes or riders grouped together, usually according to performance levels.

  • What does a standard day look like?

    You will need to arrive at the circuit around 60-90 minutes before your track activity starts. This will be so you can sign on for the event. If you haven´t signed on in advanced through our platform and there is availability, you will be able to sign on the day of the event, and view a safety briefing. The assistance to this briefing is mandatory.

  • How do I book?

    Booking is extremely simple. You can sign on by clicking on this link:

  • Can I overtake slower bikes?

    Yes you can, but generally only on the rider’s left hand side and only on the straights. Overtaking will not be permitted in braking zones or through corners, and will be monitored in race control. If you’re being overtaken, you can help the rider behind pass safely by moving over to the right hand side of the track to give room.

  • What happens if my bike has a problem and stops on track?

    Breakdowns are rare on track days, especially with well-maintained bikes. If your vehicle does stop on track, you will be best to stop it as far from the track as you can, and as close to a barrier as possible. This will allow a quick and safe recovery of the vehicle.

  • What else should I do?

    Simple things you should check before a track day begins include tyre condition, engine oil levels, and the condition of your brakes. It’s often requested that you tape your lights (headlights, indicators, taillights) so that any glass debris is kept off the track in the event of them breaking.

  • What other things could I bring with me?

    The items mentioned above are the bare minimum, but you can make your life even easier by bringing a small selection of other tools and consumables. Your fellow track day riders will also help if needed.

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